Know What NGOs Do to Provide Help for the Elderly

Senior citizens are not as safe as they are thought to be. They are exposed to verbal or physical abuse and sometimes even denied the basic health care facilities at their own homes. It is worth knowing that the senior citizens also have their civil rights and that they can seek help from various organizations who work to ensure a peaceful, respectable life.

Adversity may knock at any door regardless of the age of people living behind that door. Thankfully, there are NGOS dedicated to providing help for the elderly. These NGOs have an organized set-up to bail the elderly out of difficult situations. Some of the important ways NGOs help senior citizens live a normal life are discussed here.

Providing home support for the elderly

Youth requires going out of the parents’ house and live in separate city or country for the sake of the career. In the process, they leave their old parents behind as uncertain living conditions do not allow bringing them along. Such senior citizens may require domestic help and health care at when they find it difficult to manage on their own. NGOs have home assistance programs for elderly that entails:

· Assisted living at home: Volunteer do the household work and take care of nursing needs of the elderly people living alone in their houses. Their routine includes bathing and massaging and helping the old person dressing up, going to market to fetch them medicines and groceries, take them out for leisure walks and other recreational outings, and also attend them when they fall sick. Such volunteers are trained to provide all sorts of physical, emotional and medical assistance to the senior citizens dependent on them.

· Providing vocation to the elderly: Not all old people are suffering from bed-ridden diseases. There are old people who have chosen to live alone just for the sake of their mental peace. Since they are not physically dependent, they are encouraged to take up a variety of vocational activities so that a source of earning is available to them. Old people can work as tutors, consultants, preachers and even work in government-funded programs that support various causes. This allows them to have an independent life spiced up with creative satisfaction.

· Providing medical assistance at home: NGOs can be contacted through senior citizen helpline in case of medical emergency. These NGOs deploy trained medical staff that is well conversant with the needs of the patients of Alzheimer’s, cancer, or any other medical conditions.

Companionship or community programs

Elderly members of the family are emotionally fragile too. Like a child, they are easily drifted to the people who shower them with unconditional love. Thus, NGOs have companionship programs too where the oldies can mingle around in groups of people having similar interests. There are certain community living programs and home support for the elderly, too, where the participants work towards a common cause and devote the last part of their lives to it. There are escorts, group leaders and program managers available who work as guide to such groups and encourage and guide them whenever required.

Old age is certainly not about sulking in the corner and waiting for death to consume us. The elderly can do a lot of things to safeguard their interests and lead a respectful life with the assistance of NGOs.