GOD — An immature idiot!

The following words will not say whether God exists or not rather it would explain about it exists in my life or not.

O God!

You make me cry always. And you know very well that I never cry for me. But still your adamant character makes me yelling all the time for your help. You are so cheap for my level-headed prayers. Do not you know the priorities from the lengthy lists of my prayers? Also you kept my entire wishes at setback. I always prioritize to take care of my parent’s health.

Your most awful part is after eavesdrops my prioritization you are not engaged even at the time when I suffer. I cannot take your least actions. I have rights to question you for not showing any concern about my prayers. You are taking care of the whole world of living and non living things even the Aliens. But why not I am? Also my prayers!

You do not understand the intensity of my wishes and prayers. Would you accept mine?


I practice some unknown/known language slogans and mantras? Or

Should I practice some holy readings to reach you without enjoying my own doings? Or

Should I practice some kind of prayers which directly hurt my organs? Or

Should I practice fasting for a week/ month / till I get faint?

Please let me know the one/two/three of the above so called ways to reach you and to get your blessings. Because I am so tired of keep on asking you to bless me. And the other important thing is please do not test my pressures or capacities by giving more troubles and sorrows. Because I am not well versed in writing such an idiotic thing that hurt you.

I am not confident about your blessings till I feel satisfied. Hope you have the ability to take care of trillion billion people all over the world including me.

24 * 7 I am in stress because of unfavorable situations. Really I feel there is nothing in the so called word ‘GOD’. Yes but in practice I used to call/mention such God names with little intentions. But these days, there is no use of expecting big blessings from you.


The one who understand my feelings

The one who knows my emotions

The one who satisfy my needs constantly

The one who encourage me when I feel down

The one who disturb me when I think/ do some useless things

The one who wipes my uncontrollable tears when I depressed

The one who make a way to travel in my dream land

The one who strengthen me to take the pain of my parents


The one who understands my inner feelings and words of prayer which I believe so powerful

No gains…only pains..

I have done all for myself. Am I the so called word ‘GOD’? May be; Yes I am- an immature idiot, pretending some super power to satisfy my needs. That’s so funny. I can listen to my prayers and start helping me. Considering my current situations I believe that there is a God who lives in me. I have no clue for my future days to how to consider you God.

If I believe you are such a super power, I have a kind warning note to you– Do not punish me much. Because you ought me happy many times without caring others. I know you are very destitute in taking care of all. You have less bent of minding all people. So I do not want others to tell off you, like me. Please you do follow that balance.

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