A long shower… It had always been her weakness, her weekend indulgence. She stepped out of the hot steamy bath humming the tune of an old favourite. She had forgotten the lyrics. Maybe the hus remembered them? Smiling at her reflection on the dressing table, she made a mental note…

Why do scientists seem to get it wrong almost every single time?

Months have passed since the first identified case of COVID-19 was reported. And yet scientists seem nowhere near the final solution. With each new scientific ‘breakthrough’ seemingly contradicting the previous one, one wonders — is research headed in the right direction? What is going wrong here?

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

The initial days of…

“And moley, the kani konna in our backyard flowered. If only this lockdown hadn’t happened I would’ve brought it over…”

My sister-in-law said wistfully over our weekly video call and I realised with a jolt — Vishu was tomorrow!

Kani Konna (P.C. Shajiswamy, Pixabay)

For my friends who may not be familiar with it, Vishu…

Yesterday one of my favourite nieces was celebrating her birthday. With a heavy heart I refused to pay her a visit. The reason? Covid-19.

I wasn’t sick, nor were my relatives. We were all planning to travel in our personal vehicles and assemble at my niece’s home. The interaction wasn’t…

Road to the Estates

It had taken us close to seven hours to drive down from Bangalore. We were tired, but we had finally neared our destination. As dusty patches gave way to tarred roads, we saw clearly on our left, a vast green area — the golf course belonging to Tata Coffee estates

There is nothing like a lazy rainy Sunday evening. Curled up on my sofa with a book. I paused occasionally to catch a glimpse of the rain-drenched greenery outside my window. It was heaven. The only thing missing was a hot cup of tea…

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Aadi obligingly…

Kanchana Menon

A linguaphile with a dream to craft the perfect tale; a researcher with an undying love for knowledge; an ex-engineer with a compelling need to be accurate.

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