Why three is a crowd!

All through Valentine’s Day, I could see business men beaming.

There were hearts everywhere, lights, balloons, installations and the works! Commercially business forecasts had the sale graph going north as the day came closer.

At least love makes money here!

It could well have coincided with World Heart Day which is what ails our hearts physically!

But what is worrying is that there is something that ails our hearts emotionally.

I recently read a full page report in a newspaper on how there could be romance in a non-monogamous, consensual and committed relationship!

All the words are contradictory!

In this great haste to keep doing things differently in a society that celebrates different; let’s remind ourselves of our school days.

Science lessons From Darwin’s Theory of Evolution!

Man evolved both physically and mentally over other species.

The mind is the most sophisticated part of this evolution.

Charles Darwin’s “The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals,” published in 1872, establishes that emotions serve an important evolutionary purpose. Psychology proves that is nothing else but emotions that help man endure. Quoting Darwin, “In order for a species to continue, it needs to survive and pass on its genetic information.”

Purely based on this widely accepted theory of evolution I think polyamory is stepping back in evolution. It’s regressive!

We have this great ability to shape the future and if we could do that to create stronger bonds and create harmony and not anarchy we are doing ourselves a favour in a world that knows no love.

Given all data and research is overwhelming stacked against polyamory can we focus on some good old fashioned love irrespective of which gender you feel it for?

Cutting through the clutter and those icky plastic hearts can we please have some hand holding, heart skipping, gaze locking, candle lit, jazz playing love please?

No, the third is not welcome!

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