Kalaripayyattu, let’s know it!

As ancient as Mahabharata battle was fought, Kalaripayattu has been practiced traditionally, nurtured and kept alive by Kerala. Kalaripayattu is the mother of all martial arts, is presently travelling in the other cities of the country. Maruthi kalri Sangham, Trivandrum, Kerala is conducting Kalaripayattu workshops and shows in Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jabalpur and many more. Ajith Kumar with his students Manu Mohan, Vishnu Lakshmanan and Visakh T have come all the way from Kerala. They are very happy to share their art form with others who have only heard about it and never experienced.
Kalaripayattu has many legends associated with it, one of them being Shiva performing Kalaripayattu in Tandava. He was the first teacher to teach it to Parshuram and Agastya Rishi who then spread it across the southern India.
Historically, it was practiced by kings and warriors in battles, the might of it was such that it was banned by the British as it posed a great threat to them. But South Indians managed not only to revive but also gifted to next generations such that its tradition is beautifully treasured by themKalaripayattu is a way of living rather than a martial art form only, it makes you aware and present. Body and mind control is achieved by a regular training and practice says Ajith Kumar.
He also adds that every year people from Italy , Russia and France come to learn this art form but the sad part is our own people are very much unaware of it. And so, all our efforts are to remove the ignorance and promote the art with love and compassion for it.