How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State
Nafeez Ahmed

This article is the best information so far on the composition of the Trump team and their ties to business. It suggests that the rise of Trump is part of a Systemic problem for which neither the Republicans or the Democrats have a solution. At the heart of the problem according to Nafeez Ahmed is the growing cost of producing Fossil Fuel as well as the growing rate of poverty. This certainly does not explain how or why a bunch of billionaires will try to resolve this problem but it does explain to a certain extent why a disillusioned public was willing to buy into their spin.

There is a serious disconnect between what the problem is and who has been elected to resolve that problem. Clearly Democracy has come to a dead end because Clinton did not have solutions to those problems either. The man who could remotely have been able to tackle them was Bernie Sanders and he became a victim of machinations within the Democratic party. His exit ironically meant the doom of Clinton because young Democrats just stayed away from voting, in disgust.

The truth is that successive administrations have made the problems worse and not better and America seems to be on a reactionary roller coaster driven by forces beyond their control. It seems that the reaction to 9/11 was beyond their control and the stranglehold that the State of Israel has on them is beyond their control and the reason that all and any of this is beyond their control is because of the brand of Capitalism that they practice.

The type of Capitalism practiced by Trump and his dirty dozen is a bare knuckled, gangster type, take no prisoners approach which is generating a hysterical reaction from the liberals of New York and California who still pay lip service to values and Constitution. The fact is that Capitalism does not believe in Democracy and Capitalism does not believe in the Constitution, Capitalism simply believes in self interest. Khusro