Creating Ideas:

In the Ideation sprint, I focused on generating ideas about common human activities when commuting. I followed a 10+10 method when completing this deliverable, drawing out 10 sketches, then choosing the most promising one and drawing 10 variations on it. Overall I was able to create numerous sketches that gave me a lot of choices on possible design ideas for people commuting.

A cushion that allows a person to avoid neck pain from sleeping.

It was a different experience to write ideas that were not fully formed, and let sketches do most of the work. The sketching I did for this Sprint showed me that having strong drawing skills was not a necessity in order to create sketches that could be used to further ideas.

Variations of “safe-travel” mobile application.

Reflecting on the experience:

From drawing this sprint, I learned about a new way to generate ideas. Instead of focussing a lot of efforts on a single idea and creating something “ideal”, another way to design is to write down many ideas with the goal of ending up with a promising idea that could be further developed. The 10x10 method allowed me to explore many different possibilities without taking up a lot of time. This method is something I would definitely explore again.

Ways to generate ideas:

During the ideation process, I found myself running into difficulties in generating ideas. In order to get through this difficulty, I formed constraints, such as “modes of travel” in order to concentrate my attention onto various aspects of commuting. This method allowed me to better form ideas because it allowed me to still have a lot of room for creativity, but also made it easier to find a focal point for the design topic.

Relevantness to Society:

Ideation is important to society because it is what drives new technology and design. Practicing ideation is important because it helps a person have a routine for creating ideas. Being able to ideate allows for various designs to be created, such as creating new mobile applications or mobile devices. The “variation” method can be seen when Apple created the iPad. Apple simply made the iPhone bigger, and after it was released, became very popular.

Ideation Sketches:

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