UCD Charette

Experiencing User Design:

Writing out any and every idea

In this charette, we went from rapidly coming up with ideas, getting one and quickly coming up with a solution, and finally presenting. This happened all within about an hour and thirty minutes. The user and vehicle my group was given was an athlete and a hoverboard. We worked on designing an application that would allow the user to input their schedules, and then create a path that would allow the user to choose between multiple settings, such as avoiding crowds, finding the quickest path, or staying on the hoverboard.

Final presentation

Speeding through the Charette:

Charettes are a great way to hone in on a topic and delve into something. Because not a long period of time is spent on solving the problem, I found it easier to concentrate on the topic because it was like running a sprint. One problem that I had was I found myself trying to go too in-depth into an idea that I could have used to spend on prototyping.

My Experience with Designing

I liked the project because we were able to focus on an idea and try to make the best of what we had. Sometimes, I work on an idea and end up stopping because I hit a mental block. However, with this project, I had to get past the mental obstacles and become creative in making a solution. This thought process was something that I enjoyed, because it helped grow my creative thinking. I also greatly enjoyed trying to create a product, or an idea of what a finished product would be.

Applications of working in Charettes:

I could see the technique of a charette being used when trying to come up with a new or innovative idea. For me, I often spend too much time brainstorming because I try to come up with the “perfect” idea. Instead, quickly brainstorming with post-it notes allows me to write ideas down as soon as they come into my head. I can later easily divide them and choose the ones that I like the best. I believe that charettes are good for projects that are not trying to replicate something that has already been made. During the charette, there were many “wacky” or “impractical” ideas, but sometimes those ideas led to ones that could be applied to the topic at hand. A charette could be good for creating an idea for a new app. Identifying a user and a problem they face could be the topics written on the post it notes, which could be further developed through discussion and prototyping.