My week top content (week 17 2017)

Just some of the articles that inspired or touched me the most in the past week.

Guided weekly review with GTD coach Meg Edwards

by podcast

Whoever tried to implement GTD should be familiar with the importance of the weekly review, in this episode of getting things done official podcast Meg guide the listener to a step-by-step session of a well done weekly review.

NodeJS commonJS module system in depth

by Same Buna for

For most languages a module system is something given out of the box, in the javascript world however is something we have received only in the latest years in many different forms(AMD, commonJS, es6 modules, etc..)

In this article the commonJS module system used by nodeJS is explained in depth with common gotchas and not well-known internals mechanism such as module caching

What is the difference in guessing, estimating and reading tea leaves?

by Srikumar Subramanian at

This article talks about some subtle but essential difference in guessing and estimating with real life examples and (a lot of) balloons 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈