Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Perfect Match?

While many skeptics out there dismiss the zodiac as “nonsense”, the study of astrology is actually backed by a growing number of scientific studies.

According to research published in Nature Neuroscience and performed at Vanderbilt University, the position of the planets at the time of one’s birth does have an impact on his or her personality. In this study, a person’s zodiac sign not only influenced their personality, but also resulted in significant functional changes in the brain.

The position of the sun, moon, and planets at the time of our birth does have some influence over our personalities, and our innate nature also determines which zodiac sign we will have the most compatibility with. For the most part, Earth signs get along best with other Earth signs, Water signs with other Water signs, and so on and so forth.



People born under the Aquarius zodiac sign require lots of mental stimulation, otherwise, they get bored easily. They are highly independent, and need a good amount of alone time to recharge. They also are the humanitarian sign, and care deeply about helping others. They are forward thinking people, and are often seen as the sign of visionaries. They need someone who will challenge them intellectually, and offer good conversation. They also need someone who will respect their space and honor their independent nature, as they will do the same for their partner. An Aquarius needs an imaginative, honest, communicative partner above all else.

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Gemini, Libra

Best Relationship Compatibility: Leo

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