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Tips to Keep your Skin Healthy in Winter

Everyone wants a radiant, glowing skin all seasons but winter won’t just let our skin be great. When the temperature drops, your skin tends to be among the most vulnerable as it cries out for hydration. Cracks in the outer layer of the skin, chapped lips, cracked heels, inflammation, red, itchy, irritated skin and a lot of other skin woes that come with winter.

However, the environment isn’t the only culprit. The wonderful thing that tends to keep us warm during this season is also not smiling with our skin. Hot water to soothe the skin, room heater to keep us warm, a night spent beside blazing fire, warm clothes and scratchy fabrics to keep you all warm up. All these are zapping out moisture from the skin, causing it to be prone to skin-related diseases. Hence, reasons why our skin seems to not always be at its best during the winter season. What can you do to make your skin behave well in winter? Here are expert tips to make your skin supple, and radiant all winter long. And as your number one source for beauty tips and information, there’s a call for beauty blog write for us to help keep our readers informed.

Modify your Skincare Routine to Fit the Season

As the weather changes, it’s probably time to change your skincare routine as well. Products that seem to be working in summer might not cut the drill in winter. For instance, products containing alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and retinoids can make your skin irritable, especially if you already have dry, patch skin. Hence, avoid using them in winter and continue usage when summer creeps in and your skin returns to normal.

Moreover, you can also avoid using too much soap and if you must, opt for moisture-rich, fragrance- free ones that won’t leave your body dry. Don’t overwash your face or skin as well as for your skin to stay healthy. If you must wash out product buildup, dirt or makeup, natural facial tonic such as chamomile tea or dried flowers is your best bet. These products will not only do a good job in cleaning your face but also leave it supple, and fresh.

Keep Room Temperature Cool

It’s tempting! It’s too cold outside and at least your room could be a safe haven to warm up. However, putting up the heat at the high level will do no good to your skin as it is drying out the moisture. What can be done? Put the heat in a cool yet comfortable settings. This will help keep you warm and at the same time protect your skin. 68 to 75 degrees F should suffice.

Consume Water-Packed Fruits and Vegetables

Ever heard of the word ” eat your water”? Consuming food and vegetables are one of the best ways to hydrate your skin from the inside. Fruits and vegetables such as water melon, strawberry, pineapple, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce have high water content. It is important to load up on these in order to get the required nutrients necessary for healthy skin. Stay away from sugar and processed food and consume food that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Your skin will thank you.

Moisturise your Skin

It’s time to go heavy with moisturisers whether you just wash your hands, face or your body. This time, you might have to go for richer moisturisers or creams instead of lotions that tend to be thinner or light-weight. Creams containing petroleum, butter, or humectants such as Glycerin might be the way to go. They help seal in moisture and also prevent dryness and other skin-related problems. To avoid cracked lips, always use moisturising lip balms or honey. And each time you wash your hands, follow it up with a chemical-free moisturising hand cream.

That 8 litters Per Day is a Game-Changer

Well, maybe not upto to 8 liters, but you should at this time increase your water intake to like 2 liters more than the normal one. Yes, it’s cold and drinking water is the last thing you want to do. You are probably not even feeling like drinking water. This is one of the problems that happen in winter and one that can wreak havoc on your skin and overall health. That is why you have to be intentional about your water intake to avoid dehydration. If you are having issues drinking water every time, alternate with coconut water, lemon water or other non-caffeinated drink.

Wear Non-Irritating, Comfortable Clothes

Clothes that are meant to protect one from the harsh weather can sometimes be the causing problems to the skin. Wool or nylon can keep you warm but they can make your skin itchy, irritable and get you uncomfortable. Therefore, if you wear this clothing type, wear 100percent cotton or silk underneath that can make your skin breathe. Besides, protect your hands by wearing gloves, or mittens. These are essential items in winter wardrobe.

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Final Thoughts

Here are practical ways to keep your skin hydrated and beautiful in winter. If however you still experience skin dryness or irritation, ask your dermatologist for help. Plus, we are still here for beauty tips write for us. Reach out for more information.

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