Exchange Union Coin — Bridging Digital Currency Exchanges Globally


The First, bridge the exchanges in terms of trading, deposits, withdrawals and clearing through agreements among digital currency exchanges and offer discounts on trading fees; provide deals on credit and margin trading. Soon afterwards, build Exchange Union Chain and realize the full interconnection among digital currency exchanges through blockchain technique.

To make everyone equal in digital currency community, James Wo launched Exchange Union Coin. The platform bridge digital currency exchange equally to all and realize cross exchange trading, cross exchange clearing, deposits and withdrawal between varies digital currencies and assets. This improve efficiency and performance of exchages and make it available in suitable price.

Today, East Asia, North America and Europe are the largest crypto currency markets. The percentage of trading volume for the three markets was about 63%, 25% and 11%, respectively. Coin prices differ among these markets. In East Asia, Bitcoin and Ethereum are often sold at 3–5% premium prices. Beginning of July,
Ethereum in South Korea is almost 10% more expensive than the global average. In contrast, the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum in Europe and North America are lower than the global average.


To bridge digital currency exchange around the world and realize cross-exchange trades of investors, exchange exchange clearances, deposits and withdrawals between various currencies and digital assets.
Improve trade efficiency and exchange performance and realize the market-oriented distribution of digital currency liquidity and best price quotes.
First, the exchange of bridges in terms of trade, deposits,
Withdrawal and clearing by agreement between digital currency exchange and offering discounts on transaction fees; Provide credit transactions and margin trading. Immediately after that, build the Exchange Union Chain and realize the full interconnection between digital currency exchange through blockchain techniques. Meanwhile,
We will retain the ecosystem and the Exchange Exchange Chain brand. As a mandatory, we will help manage Exchange Union Chain Assets and teams for XUC holders.

Why invest in Exchange Union Coin?

Expert partnership among the international exchanges, XUC will go public on exchanges within 2 months after the end of ICO. XUC liquidity premium, high trading liquidity on secondary market increases token price. XUC universality premium, XUC can be accepted by majority of exchanges and used as clearing intermediary. Relatively large discounts of trading fees within exchanges. Value increase brought by deals on credit and margin trading.


XUC Token:

  • XUC is an ERC 20 token based on Ethereal.
     Supply XUC: 3,000,000,000

Crowdsale Plan:

  • Currency received: BTC and ETH.
  • Price XUC: 1 BTC = 4,600 XUC. 1ETH = 380 XUC (Price is indicative and will remain in crowdsale).

XUC Token Sales Target:

  • Minimum Target: 100,000,000 XUC
  • Maximum Target: 600,000,000 XUC

Bonus Details:

  • 0% 0–99,999 XUC
  • 5% 100,000–999,999 XUC
  • 10% 1,000,000–1,999,999 XUC
  • 15% 2.000.000–9.999.999 XUC
  • 20% 10,000,000+ XUC


Write by kaneki007