I don’t want to be a winner

Thank you! I certainly had my time in the mid to late ’90’s when I wanted to be the biggest baddest Web designer on earth. After working in print for so many years it was exciting to work in color. Now that I am almost 50 and I look back at my career and this industry that I no longer love I don’t care to be a “winner” or the “best” I want to do what matters to me.

So much of what is deemed revolutionary I see as a minor improvement dressed up in slick marketing.

I am working on a project to raise funds for my friends who rescue animals. It is small, I don’t plan on changing the world. I am just tired of begging. So I have a better way that I will build and grow slowly while I enjoy my other passions.

It is comforting to know that there is one human out there with the ability to be badass, but is really happy just being him, without needing to crush those around him.