Time to get winter ready

Despite less hours of daylight, the autumn and winter months can be very busy times for those tasked with estate maintenance and landscaping projects.

If you are beginning to get your site ready for winter, check out our list of how a Kanga can help…

  • High winds can leave fences damaged and blown over; get on top of the situation with a Kanga skid-steer loader. As well as power and performance, these mighty machines are able to access tight areas and keep operatives away from the action, minimising the risk of injury. There are a range of attachments that ensure your Kanga is as hardworking as you would expect, within the fencing range this includes the carryall attachment, able to carry away old fencing and deliver replacement boards. The auger drive and auger attachments are suitable for most ground conditions and make light work of creating postholes. Once posts are in, make secure with concrete mixed in the mixer bowl attachment; because it is transportable, it means the concrete can easily be moved to where it is needed. Finally, the post-hole driver ensures every post is securely fixed.
  • When it comes to preparing ground, ready for planting in the spring, tackling the job by hand can be backbreaking work. The Kanga however can tackle the project in a fraction of the time thanks to the rotary tiller attachment. Two models are available, depending on the Kanga loader it is to be used with, the 2 series attachment, suitable for use with the ‘Kid’, the world smallest skid-steer loader, has a cutting depth of 4” and for the 5,6,7 and 8 series loaders the cutting depth is 6”. The rotary tiller expertly prepares even tough ground making it ready for planting or turf laying.
  • The winter months can see garden areas produce a lot of waste material including leaves and branches. With the wood chipper attachment, not only is this waste quickly disposed of but also the by-product is a compost/ mulch that can be used on garden areas. Easy to use with its self-feeding action, the wood chipper can be relocated to where it is needed, saving time and energy.
  • With trees suffering wind damage along with a requirement to clear areas, felled trees can take up time and resources when it comes to their removal. The log splitter attachment however is a hands-free way to split logs and timber into pieces that are easier to remove and usable as fuel.

If you would like to find out more about how a Kanga can help your working day and which attachments are best suited to your needs, call the team on 0845 260 4800.