And yet it would make me socially anxious to drive one because…it’s weird.
On Feeling Weird About Tesla
Hank Green

I understand where you’re coming from, but if from a feature perspective, it’s something you personally desired and not necessarily for communicating your social status via “luxury”, the fact that the opinion of the masses is deterring you, it’s a sign of unreasonable social conformity for the sake of conformity.

I think for Tesla to gain mass market appeal, aka what you stated about “not tied to luxury”, you’re the type of person that should be going for it. Now instead of the one person, there’re 2 of you with the car. You sound like a low key kind of guy, so you could be establishing a different type of association for people. People make assumptions from a lack of information. If you’re serious about promoting environmentally friendly cars, and supporting companies doing great things, I don’t quite understand why you would compromise on that solely for social conformity. The masses and general opinion are not known to change for the better without early adopters moving the tide intiially.

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