Protect Your Office Floors With Floor Coating For Maintenance

What is floor coating?

Coating a floor is a task that people should consider, especially for industrial environment. This helps to keep a check on the safety, cleanliness, maintenance and aesthetic in an office environment. Floor Coating Singapore stands out as an important part of an office and its environment to maintain a get up that attracts client and is also easy to maintain

Types of Floor Coating:

Floor Coating can be various types depending on the places where they are used. A room of concrete in a warehouse that stores goods, the room that contains corrosives or any other type flooring, has their own necessity of the floor coating. Floor Coating Singapore The basic important types of coating are-

1. Bouncy Urethane Coating

2. Solid and sturdy Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Coating is a classy coating type that is applied in floors of offices. Urethane coating is a way of saving costs on floor painting.

Benefits of Floor Coating:

Be it epoxy or Urethane Coating on the floor, the coating is meant to provide shine and durability to the floor. The advantages of coating a floor are as below-

1. A floor that has a coating is free of undulation and hence it becomes easy to clean such a floor. Moreover, its glossy effect ensures that it doesn’t allow piles of dirt to stick to it, plus you can mop off the dirt in one strike.

2. High performing and durable flooring is obtained only if there is a good coating on it. It adds to the strength of a floor made of concrete. A storage space definitely requires a floor that has the strength to bear weights of heavy good.

3. Beauty is always an important factor that is considered in every item. Floor coating adds to the beauty of the floor and also to the get up of the office area. It is attractive and glossy in nature. Being glossy it adds to the sense of classy look in an environment. Being easy to clean it adds to the aesthetic up keep of an office.

4. If you have a chance of having corrosive in a room, then the coating on floor is ideal to give it a protection from getting corroded due to chemical reaction.

5. The safety of a space is increased to a great extent because of the non-slippery advantage. It’s not only safe from the chance of slipping but also resistant to fire, corrosion, breakage etc.

6. A coated floor is always cheaper than having costly tiles. Moreover the durability adds to cost efficiency as it doesn’t incur any or rather low cost of maintenance.

7. Being smooth and durable in nature the coating adds to the performance of industrial area. It aids easy movement of vehicles in warehouses.