My Startup Failed, I Lost Everything. Here’s What I Learned:
The Startup Journey

This is really sad, as techie (dev) person, I dreamed of having startup by becoming founder/cofounder but with no steady income I cannot feed my wife and children.

Yeah I’m 30 now, too late for a big dream, so I just sit in office everyday doing boring works.

However your suggestion mostly correct, for startup to be success you must find dev cofounder or if you dev you must find someone that can sell your idea. And creating MVP is a must before any legal / marketing things.

Gladly I have some experiences in IT consultant so I know a bit about project management including budgeting, user validation, mvp, etc.

If you are interested in creating another startup, I suggest that you choose dev cofounder that understand project management (usually from IT/information system background) that willing to sacrifice money for dream (young & single person).

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