These lowercase racists should educate themselves, but it’s our unfortunate responsibility to try to handle their ignorance with as much grace as we can when they let it show, and point them to the education they’ve clearly lacked until that point. I know repeating the same 101 stuff gets tiresome, but every time lowercase racists see some controversy like this blow up, it seems like a personal attack on their morality and what they perceive as their own rational understanding of the issues. You’re totally welcome to your outrage, but it’s not helpful to them to conflate their failings of ignorance as deep moral failings as well before they have the tools to understand.
LambdaConf 2016 Controversy

We could replace “racists” here to any group that subscribe to a framework of belief that starts with the wrong questions and creates a philosophical lattice entwined with their morality to support their world view e.g. climate change deniers, anti vaxxers, intelligent designers, trump supporters etc.

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