The Digital Marketing Manager,

Los Angeles Lakers,

2275 E. Mariposa Avenue,

El Segundo, CA 90245.

Dear Sir/Madam


This is to notify your office that I have noticed that Los Angeles Lakers is a major basketball club in the National Basketball Association that has great marketing potential. Twitter is emerging as one of the most effective social media platforms that can enhance the performance of the team’s sales and revenue (Ryu 14). While it is important to broadcast all live matches of Los Angeles Lakers continually, the use of Twitter can help to promote branded products of the team such as the T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, sunglasses, hats, shorts, Polos, Pants, Jerseys, Mugs, and cups (Bolch 1). It would be possible for the company to maximize sales through promoting a variety of these merchandise during Los Angeles Lakers’ live matches. It is notable that Twitter has billions of subscribers who visit and use the site frequently. The Los Angeles Lakers also have millions of fans across the world that monitor their matches and weekly performances faithfully. These fans watch their matches through various online platforms that air the live matches.

I have observed that the number of tweets that emerge during Los Angeles Lakers’ live matches keep increasing on a weekly basis. It is clear that the team has popular players such as Le Bron James, who have massive Twitter following across the world. Therefore, most of the players in the team always trend during Los Angeles Lakers’ matches. In other cases, the team trends on Twitter because of their performance during live matches. These consistent statistics are interesting to note since the company can use Twitter as a platform to advertise its merchandise during live matches (Shaltoni 212). The viewership of Los Angeles Lakers’ matches is huge, the numbers of Los Angeles Lakers’ fans that have twitter accounts across the world could run into hundreds of millions. In my opinion, this presents a good marketing platform that the company’s digital team can use to advertise the existing and new merchandise from the team.

There are several ways through which the digital team can enhance such promotions during the Los Angeles Lakers’ matches. The first is to ensure that the twitter handle of Los Angeles Lakers stays updated during the live matches. Most fans across the world that do not have access to live matches tend to follow the match through the constant updates given on the company’s Twitter account. They check scores, as well as other match details through the twitter handle of Los Angeles Lakers. However, it is surprising that the twitter handle does not provide minute-by-minute progress of the live matches. The update intervals range between 5 and 10 minutes, which causes fans that cannot access the live match anxiety since they only depend on twitter updates. In my opinion, the digital department can increase the frequency of the live updates of the Los Angeles Lakers’ matches on Twitter and increase the capacity of Twitter to promote the company’s merchandise across the world. The live updates will keep the followers active on the company’s twitter handle. The digital department can use such opportunities of high concentration by the followers and fans to advertise the company’s merchandise as they wait for the next update (Shaltoni 212). The interchange of live updates with promotional tweets will create enjoyment for the fans.

The second is to use promotional merchandise to initiate interest among the millions of fans and followers on the company’s twitter handle. In this case, the digital department can develop a promotion program using one of the products such as the jersey of the team. The promotion can rely on a competition in which the fan with the best promotional tweet about the jersey would receive a free sample from the company. This method of marketing will be effective in attracting more fans to the company’s twitter handle. More fans and Twitter followers will get a chance to know about the company’s products (Bolch 1). The use of a promotion program will also help the company to raise awareness across twitter users online. A promotion of such nature will increase the number of tweets about Los Angeles Lakers’ products, causing the product to trend on twitter. Therefore, billions of Twitter users will learn about the Los Angeles Lakers’ merchandise every time the team plays.

The third is to rotate promotional products during the weekly live matches. Los Angeles Lakers have several products that customers can purchase. The digital team can have a rotational promotion program aimed to promote all the company’s products across a specific period. This rotational method will help the company to increase awareness of fans and Twitter subscribers across the world. The company can use this marketing campaign method to boost sales and increase awareness of the company’s products in every season of NBA.

I wish to reiterate Twitter is an effective platform that your team can utilize to boost revenue through online sales. Additionally, brand loyalty and awareness will increase through the use of Twitter as a marketing tool.

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