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Kaushalam:- Kaushalam creations provide the hand painted and handcrafted products for Home, Kitchen, and Garden only at We are capable of painting any kind of artwork on all kind of surfaces. Our focus is to bring together the art styles of every state of India. Our products are our own original creations. From concept to finished product, everything is done under our roof. Mainly we are famous for our most loved Teakettles and painted thousands of them so far. Besides these Tea sets, lanterns and letter — boxes are most loved.

The inspiration behind choosing themes for our products comes from our rich Indian heritage, diverse cultures, and day-to-day life. Our products are an amalgamation of past and present. They are a piece of art and history with a twist of modernization. And above all, every piece is done with utmost care and love. We put our heart and soul in our products.

When the skills are used creatively, the outcome is unique. From the inception of humankind, we have come a long way using our creativity and skills. To me Creativity is like a flowing river, it can never stop. Whatever you see here at “KAUSHALAM” is the result of my continuous flow of imagination, fantasies, influences, exposure to different cultures etc. Kaushalam creations

As I just mentioned that creativity is like a flowing river, so I know the origin of the Kaushalam but not the destination. We will keep coming up with the new creations with the ever-flowing creativity.


Ready to bring some history into your kitchen? This hand painted tea kettle, illuminate with tribal stories, serves you some delicious ancient tea! Every tea stall in India has a tea kettle, but different than these kettles. These colorful tea kettles, made by Kaushalam are inspired by mythologies from Bihar. The kettles are painted in Madhubani style, a tribal art of Bihar. Each kettle defines a unique story from a certain tradition.Every beautiful tea kettle is made with a brush and the colors were filled once the drawing was done.


we are providing the best range of letter box, cushions, key chain holder & tissue boxes etc.An ordinary tin letterbox which used to be an essential part of the house some time back is almost getting extinct because of the glamorous options available these days. In the wake of reviving lost art and objects “Kaushalam” presents oh so glam replacement of that old ordinary box. This one is painted in Madhubani art a tribal art of Bihar. The source of Madhubani painting or Mithila Painting is covered in relic and tradition. It is done free hand on the object with brush and colors are filled once the drawing is done.Hope you love will this age-old but so contemporary art style!!Cushions are embossed by the fine quality of fabric covered by tribal art. A complete hand painted cushion cover is a piece of art on your couch. Just a single piece brings a whole lot of glamor to your room.


we are providing the serving bowls with lid embossed and hand painted with minute details to bring charm to your dining experience. Kaushalam creations!


Silkrute providing to you the most adorable collection of the lantern to enlight your home. Kaushalam creations!


we are here to provide you the beautiful patterns painted kalash to use in the temple.


A complete hand painted a beautiful set of chai cups. Match it with one of our colorful tea kettles for a mesmerising Tea party experience. So touch the roots of Indian Culture at