Simon Says: Puzzler Project (Virtual Reality Nanodegree)


The goal of this project is to create a VR version of the classical game “Simon Says”. In this game, the player has to solve a puzzle by recalling the exact sequence of orbs glowing to escape from a dungeon.

Iterative approach is being employed during the design and development phase taking into consideration the user feedback at different stages of development.

User Persona

User Persona was created at Design phase to keep in mind the kind of people that we would be targeting to use our application.

Name : Shubham

Age : 8 year

Occupation : Middle School Student .

Quote : “I can’t wait to immerse into the VR world”

Motivation : Shubham is a enthusiastic, ambitious and fun loving person. He loves to play games on his play-station to relax himself. He tried his friend’s VR headset few months back. Ever since he wants to have a VR handset of his own. His parent gifted him a smartphone on his birthday and he is saving his pocket money to buy VR headset. He has the ambition to become a VR developer himself.

VR Experience : Beginner

Story Of the Process

  1. During the design phase, I first created the sketch of the dungeon and its surroundings along with the start screen and end screen.
sketch of surroundings of dungeon
Starting screen and end screen sketch

2. Then, I proceeded with development of dungeon using a set of starter 3D artifacts provided by the udacity. I also provided the lighting inside the dungeon. This was the first working draft of my application. I took user feedback at this stage before moving to the next phase.

3. Then I added the front and back screen and added core-logic working. I then worked on the surrounding portion to make it more realistic and interesting. I created a terrain of a forest surrounding by the mountains. I created a calm and serene evening background with fading sunlight and light breeze displayed by waving grass.

4. I then added the audio tune which added a new aspect to the overall VR experience.

User Testing Outcome and Iteration


I showed the App to a family member who is naive to VR . Following feedback was received:

  • The height of the dungeon appeared low to user.
  • The movement of the player is bit fast, resulting in uncomfortable user experience.


  • The pattern setting of the orbs is happening a bit fast, giving less time to remember to the user.

Iteration-3 (Final)

I demo-ed this VR app to 3 family members who were not familiar with the VR concept. They looked quite amazed with the experience.

Breakdown Of Final Piece

The app starts with a scene of calm and serene evening and a dungeon visible at some distance. The surroundings have bushes waving with breeze.

Game Start Screen
Surroundings of dungeon
Dungeon Surrounding terrains

On gazing at start button, the player starts moving and enters dungeon. Inside the dungeon, there are multiple orbs placed. The app will generate a glow pattern of these orbs.

Scene inside dungeon

To pass through this dungeon, the user has to recall the exact sequence of these orbs glowing. The player will do this by gazing on orbs in that particular order.

Game won screen


Demo Video


This was a wonderful experience to create a soothing and effective VR app. I learned various aspects of VR development like player movement, scene designing, handling simulator sickness. Next, I intend to make it further interesting by trying some other design variations.

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