Beginners Jogging Tips

Ok, it seemed like a good idea at the time, right? You went down to the local sporting goods store, bought the best Jogging Shoes money could buy, laced them up and set out on your first run. And then you woke up! Oh I know, you gave it more than one good ole’ college try, and you know that jogging is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise, but after all those tries you still seem unable to make it work for you. Here are some great jogging tips that will help you on your way to an enjoyable running experience.

  • Honestly assess your level of fitness. If you have been a couch potato and
    suddenly developed the desire to run a 5k marathon, then you are fooling
    yourself. That sort of stamina takes time to develop, and it won’t happen
  • Set achievable goals. As I said before, expecting to go from couch to marathon isn’t very realistic. Begin with short runs around the neighborhood. If all you can manage is a few blocks, great! At least you are moving in the right direction — and that direction isn’t the sofa!
  • If you get tired and out of breath, don’t stop — walk. If you have set off on your first run, one of the best jogging tips to remember is don’t stop! After you have achieved a certain heart rate, you don’t want to lose your moment, so if you become tired or out of breath, keep moving, but slow your pace, even slow to a walk if necessary until you catch your breath.
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