Coping Strategies:

In coping with stress, a person is confronted with 2 challenges:
1. To meet the requirements of the stressor.
2. To protect oneself from psychological damage.

When a person feels competent to handle a stressful situation, a task oriented response is typical- which means the person objectively appraises the situation, decides on an appropriate strategy, works out solution, takes feedback.

When a person's feelings of adequacy are seriously threatened by a stressor, a defence oriented response emerges, that is behaviour is directed at protecting the self from hurt rather then resolving the issue. For example, a person who denies acceptance of a failed relationship to avoid guilt and blame.

Many a times we combine the strategies & workout solutions and they help.

We must remember that defence oriented responses are maladaptive behaviours if used repetitively.

Are coping strategies helpful or resulting into personality or psychological decompensation?

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