Ladies, we need to start carrying around jumper cables!

Today, my car battery died. Again. It’s actually become the theme song to my life in Los Angeles. Ever since I stepped foot in this city, or wheel if you will, memories of feeling stranded have occurred quite frequently. And at this point, with it happening so much, I don’t know if there’s a bigger reason to it. You know, like a sign or a lesson. Or it could simply be because I’m one fucking idiot.

Of course, I’m over it by now. In fact, during the process, I felt so frustrated by the issue, I just became numb by it. It’s happened so many times now, I guess I’m used to the process. I’ll freak out, cry a little bit, ask the Universe why it’s always out to get me, ask a couple of people if they can help, then I’ll go on my merry little way.

The first few times have been rough. I’ve stressed my parents out, who are all the way on the East Coast. It wasn’t even my car at the time, too — it was a rental — so that was worse dealing with the goddamn rental agencies. (Don’t EVER trust an agency that has Sun or Shine in their name. Just, don’t.)

Last time it happened, my friend was visiting me from out of town. That was horrible. I had an amazing weekend planned out, and that was one event I didn’t see coming. I remember frantically running around the gas station asking for help as she looked at me with slight disappointment, annoyance and a hint of mockery. With persistency on my end and team effort from two gentlemen, however, it worked.

This time, though, I thought the big guy really had it in for me.

It started off lucky. An older man, who happened to be parked in front me, actually had a cable. After a little figuring out of where to hook the cable, we attempted to start the engine a couple of times, but it wouldn’t work for some reason. He assumed it was either his cable or it’s because my car was really dead. But, I had a feeling it was his cable. However, I still had hope and prayed it would work. I was so thankful he even took time out of his day to help. As we continued to try, though, I ended up having to call Triple A because it just wasn’t starting. And, I hated that plan. They take hours to arrive. After hearing their annoying recording for a little while, they weren’t answering. Oh, and I wasn’t even using my phone. My phone battery ALSO died. (When it rains, it pours). So with their “high call volume,” I guess lots of people were struggling with feeling stranded. Go figure.

Luckily, another guy drove up to the scene at that second and asked if we needed help. I had a good feeling about him. He was confident, younger, suave. Knew what he was doing. The first guy who saw him come in said he might face the same problem we did and it wouldn’t work. I kind of agreed with him out loud, but on my mind, I knew it would work. I didn’t want him to feel any less… (I KNOW, TRUST ME, WHY AM I THINKING ABOUT ALL OF THIS WHEN THE CAR BATTERY DYING IS THE MAIN PROBLEM?) but we all know there are complexities and layers to life, so just bear with me.

Anyways, the other guy moved his car with no problem (as opposed to the first one who hesitated in turning his car around in traffic) whipped out his cable, (which did look sturdier), hooked it on to my engine with no problem, (as opposed to the first time…OK, I’ll stop) and told me to stick the key in the ignition (toot toot). I started the engine one more time, and luckily, the last. It worked! Voila!

We were all pleasantly shocked, given the last 100 times that it didn’t work. Even a rando on the street didn’t think it would work as he was with us from the start of the journey. (Lurking on the side and entertained by our struggles…just offering his negativity instead of help…anyways he slipped away fast when he saw that it worked.)

And man did I give them BOTH hugs for their time and their help. It truly doesn’t matter which man had a better cable. They were such sweethearts, silently cheering me on, hoping they could offer their assistance in solving the problem. I was blessed to have found them. Honestly.

And SIDENOTE, can you believe only men would help with this to begin with? Do you think a woman would EVER have a jumper cable in their trunk? I mean, I’m SURE there have been situations where a woman helped and is smart to carry it around, but I haven’t witnessed it yet. And remember, I’ve been in this situation a lot. I think I need to start carrying one around. I am too much of a girl sometimes :P.

Anyways, after thanking them and thanking God for bringing them to me, I let out a sigh of relief. I told myself driving away, not only was this a big stupid waste of time, but I hoped this wouldn’t happen again. And of course, I celebrated with back-to-back traffic. That was also a blast…

If it does happen again, though, I’ll survive. I’ll stress less. I’ll know that it WILL be solved. With a little patience, with a little asking around, with a little hope and gratefulness, it will be OK.

Oh, and of course, with a little jumper cable. That’s always a good idea ;)

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