Its All About Clash Royale

Lets start by explaining what this post is about. Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, your favorite Clash of Clans and more. Its the number 1 android game today and I am a addicted to it. It is on my “to-do” list for the day ..each day and has on some occasions it is the first thing I do after waking up.

Every 3 minute battle against a real opponent is a test of your ability and skills in the game. At the same time it is just a reflection of how we think even in real life. As you get serious in the game you would start developing a ‘Strategy’!

As a student of management strategy, I picked a few principles from the game that can be applied anywhere. Here are my biggest 3 takeaways from the game applied to general management:

  1. Know your cards: Every good player needs to know his deck really well. This needs to align with how you want to play your game. Whether its the Giant or the bomber man or the Witch; each have their strengths. Good player knows his deck really well. A good player can struggle with a bad deck. The skill is in selecting those cards that will help you win the battle. Applying this in business; each card is like your team. Every good leader needs to know his team really well. Even great companies struggle with bad talent.
  2. Learn from every failure: The game provides you training and friendly battles. One can also view an older battle. Its important to learn from your failure and your mistakes. Every good gamer I know looks back and reflects on his good and more importantly bad games.
  3. Sometimes you need to go slow to run fast later: Every good gamer would wait and try not to attack first and wait for his/her elixir to be full. You need to be well armed before you start. In fact you should never panic and start playing random cards. The enemy may be winning by taking your right tower. However, you can always win by taking his king tower. I have heard this one as Perfecto many times. There are many ways of winning new business. You may be struggling with one champion but as long as the fight is on you can always find a way to get back!

Be it sudden death or the pressure you face during the game. Everything is so similar to life and business. That’s why I love this game. I also think its the best example of ‘freemium’ business model I have ever seen. Having already spent $21 on the game….its brilliant to see how the game maker has baked the purchase of gems into upgrading your cards. Simply superb!

Besides the above its not hard to observe patterns of life in each clan e.g do you have a guy/girl, no one ever thought on top of the clan ranking or doing better than you? Possibly because he/she thinks more than you talk or possibly because you are not trying hard enough.

Enough said…. Lets Fight!

Proud member(AIT conquerors)