Living life as a messed up Indian teen:

As a 14 year old, your life basically revolves around school, home, phone etc. Being straight forward, that “etc” would include boyfriends and girlfriends and all of that shiz. I’m a 14 year old struggling through 9th grade. Being an Indian, your parents expect you to be intelligent and be away from the. so called “spoiled generation”. I myself thought that my parents think bull shit, they still do think bullshit and expect us to be like them as they were in there young age that was probably the 1970s. Which was a long long time back. Not blaming my parents for this, but the way they were brought up by there parents. Probably at their age they thought the same thing about their parents. After some time, i realised that there is no reason for cribbing about how your parents are. After some time when they go away, you yourself will realise how important they were.

Talking about grades, every Indian parent wants their child to be the topper of the class, which is kinda impossible. In my class I have 28 children out of which 20 children are extremely good in studies. Yes. That’s a lot of competition for that other 8 children to get good marks and prove to their parents. India having a population of 7 billion, makes a lot of competition. A child who probably gets 100% in his/her 12th grade might not be able to be the same topper in college as he was in his school. I had my exams a few weeks back. I started going to tuition for maths because I was horrible at it. At tuition I used to get like 20/100 kinda marks. And they were constant. My parents even got a message from my tuition regarding my performance. I was so mad at myself for some time. I put up a quote on my study table, “ Be numb to the numbers, don’t let the numbers numb you”. This quote got me back up on my feet and worked day and night to score good in maths which has been the devil in my school life. And finally on the result day, my heart beating faster than the speed of a racer car, I got my paper. It said 83/90. I couldn’t control my happiness and I cried. It was the happiest moment in my life regarding my marks ( just my marks, my life is not dependent on my studies bruh). This made me understand the basic line or statement which is made in every single article related to life and how to achieve your goals, “try, try till you succeed”. And this was the first time it applied to my life. It made a big difference. It made me realise that things in our life come and go, it’s our responsibly to pay attention to them and then apply them in your lives and take a step towards success.

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