Dotcom Secrets book by Russel Brunson — Chapter 1

About the Author: Russel Brunson

Co-founder of a $100 Million dolar SAAS (Software as a Service), one of the fastest growing non-VC-backed (no venture capital or loans) in the world. He started off collecting junk mail at age of 12 and while most of us got irritated with the late night infomercials, he loved them and would stay all night watching and analyzing how they were created hence his now infamous “Hook, Story, Offer” concept you will get to learn later on. He has a following of over a million entrepreneurs and sold over 250k copies of his marketing books, and popularized the concept of sales funnels (more on this to come) that has helped many entrepreneurs get their messages out to the market place quickly.

I have followed Russel and read just about every book he has, listened to his podcasts, YouTube videos and every content he has out there and he is just truly brilliant! What touches me the most about Russel is his dedicated mission of giving back to kids in my home country Kenya through World Teacher Aid. He loves and visits Kenya multiple times. Through his funnel (easy create website and sales landing pages) software , he donates a $1 for every funnel that goes live towards building schools in Kenya. Let’s have some fun and make massive impact while doing it.

Secret #1 Dotcom secret.

In this first secret, Russel describes four (4) essential elements that you need ‌in order to build a successful business.

1. Who is your ideal or dream customer? This is the customer that get’s you excited to want to work with. This customer is often times described as your avatar. Define your ideal avatar in as much detail as possible. One of the biggest mistakes most entrepreneurs make, especially in the early stages of their business, is trying to service everyone and anyone on the planet. This typically leads to exhaustion and agitation. Personally, as a real estate agent, I have fallen into this trap many a times where I dealt with customers that did not fit my ideal client criteria. I remember one client that I showed over 50 homes in a 2 month span before they bought a home, talk about exhaustion. It may feel difficult to be choosy especially when you are just starting out, but remember if you don’t know who your ideal client is, you will not even know where to go find them.

Which leads us right into the second element.

2. Where will you find your ideal customer?

This question get’s easier once you understand who that ideal client is. If you don’t define your “who” or ideal avatar, it will be even harder to find out where your perfect client can be found. Where do they hang out online? What are their interests? You have to know exactly who you are trying to attract. In subsequent posts, we will discuss how to find the prospect you are looking to serve in greater details.

3. What will you offer your ideal customer to attract them?

In jargon speak, this is usually referred to as the lead magnet. Bearing the fact that our attention span nowadays in the era of the internet is about 7 seconds, a gold fish is 8 sec, your offer must be very attractive. Another great entrepreneur that I listen to is Eban Pagan and he says this which sounds counter intuitive at first; “give your best product for FREE”. This way, you establish rapport and increase your likability quotient. And you know when you give something of value to someone, the law of reciprocity comes into plan and most people will want to give something back, in our case they will buy something from you or take on your offer.

Brings us to the fourth element.

4. What results do you want to give them?

Contrary to common belief, your business is not about your product or service. It is about the “result” you can get for your clients. And once your client’s expected results is in congruence with yours, the price is no longer a barrier. If you demonstrate enough value for your service and product, you will never have a dispute about price. I once heard someone say, never discuss price with your customer, only discuss value; it’s a principle for success.

Next, we will discuss one of the most jaw dropping concepts ever, the Value Ladder. Until then, peace!

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Read, apply, teach is my motto. My FB group “Read like a CEO” encourages people to read, apply, and teach others what they have learned.

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John Macharia

John Macharia

Read, apply, teach is my motto. My FB group “Read like a CEO” encourages people to read, apply, and teach others what they have learned.

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