Risky SEO Tactics that Might Work

Kanika SIngh
Feb 5, 2018 · 3 min read

There are lots of transparent policies that you can utilize in this world of SEO. Several rules and regulation are here that allow users to have a quality experience as well as the safe, relevant and useful environment. You just have to follow the modern SEO trend and maintain the high ranking. Here are some risky SEO tactics that might work for your website.

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1. Buy expired domains:

It plays a significant role as it is an ideal informant for sites. But, it requires extra attention while using it. You have gone for the domains that are relatively new and applicable to your business. Before purchasing the domains, find out whether they are penalized in previous years or not. Only buy them if they have accurate records. Therefore, just create high-quality content and stay your domain alive so that you can quickly strengthen the backlink profile of website at low cost.

2. Generate social media accounts:

You have to create multiple social media accounts instead of fake accounts. You will only waste your time, and the path of success will be difficult if you steal image and names from other accounts. You can have their (dog, cats or even chinchilla) pictures whenever you want and fill up the news feed by making some cute stories about them. It can be possible that your pet can be interested in your websites marketing and fortunately read and share your blog posts. Thus, your pet can promote your reputation as well as site and earn its keep. Your pet can breach the rules and regulations of the selected social media platform, but chances are very slim.

3. Harmonise the comment box on the website:

You receive countless spammy comments with this techniques. Also, it proffers you most of the links with applicable sort and varieties. You can keep the decent and the relevant one so that you can add a rel=nofollow tag to them. If you do not find them useful, you can erase them all at once. It is a cheaper technique that would not affect your ranking. Besides, it collects the fresh and high-quality content for you that Google loves.

4. Do not forget to link back to your website:

Always include a link to your site whenever you leave a comment on posts associated with your topic. You cannot put your links anywhere on the website randomly. Thus, you should have intelligence for this method. Go for the posts, points, and topics that suggest or helps you to find out the solution to solve problems of users. After that, while leaving your comment, recommend readers to check your product that can be favorable to them.

5. Place social media buttons:

It is one the most critical thing that you should do primarily. Grab appropriate social media buttons and fit them on your website. You can invite your pets as well as family members by clicking on them multiple times. Due to this, it gathers the wider audience, and your website gets well-known name and fame. Countless audience notices your website, and you will target valuable traffic as well.

6. Post some news:

Most of the website are attracted by the potentially readable news. It requires news having smaller scope instead of leading news websites. If you do not have something to say then you can write about newsworthy events and submit it. It will be good if your stories collect one or two backlinks.

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