Scope of Digital Marketing in 2020 And Beyond in India

According to a recent survey, the growing percentage of India’s Digital Advertising Industry is at 33.5 and by 2020 its value will exceed the INR 255 Billion marks.

India is one of the latest and largest growing digital markets globally and the scope for digital marketers here will only get on increasing. By the end of the year 2020, in India digital industry will produce more than 20 lakhs job.

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The coming years will have more impact of digitization and hence it would be evident in the country’s economy.

Stats Related to Scope of Digital Marketing in 2020 & Beyond in India

Stats Related to Rationale of Growth in Digital Marketing

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Stats Related to Growth in Indian Internet Users

Factors of Influence in Digital Marketing Scope

Future Scope of Digital Marketing Growth:

The ad on digital marketing is evolving around 6 verticals: social, desktop, video, mobile, native, and programmatic.

The changes have been made and now 50% of the population of India has begun reading the newspaper online rather than the traditional ones. In India, digital marketing is the only industry which is booming with more than a 30% rate. It is expected that this industry will produce more than 20 lakh jobs in India by 2020.

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Getting a Job in Digital Marketing Industry:

The most prominent way to begin your career in digital marketing is by getting a professional course in digital marketing and then finding a job. In digital marketing, there are lots of different specializations and you will find different options to start your career.

There are more specialized digital marketing job roles to choose from in digital marketing.

Different Types of Careers in Digital Marketing:

Becoming a Professional Blogger: You can go for blogging as a full-time profession and earn a reliable income.

Earning with Affiliate marketing & AdSense: By choosing a particular specialty of your interest and putting in efforts to build traffic and viewers can help you in starting your blog/website/application. Along with generating good traffic, you could also make a good income with AdSense & affiliate marketing techniques.

Starting Your Own Freelancing Services: Just by sitting at home, you can build your clients globally and there are different websites which could allow you to offer your expert services to clients through freelancing.

Starting Your own Start-up/Agency: The course of digital marketing can even help you in starting your own full-time digital marketing agency/start-up and with the help of digital marketing services offered, you can build huge income too.

Becoming a YouTuber: People can also choose to become a full-time YouTuber in your own interest. Focusing on the main thing is quality delivery and building your audience base. This could help you further earning well with YouTube Monetization.

There is a huge number of opportunities in the digital marketing industry as there are various aspects which are leading to the huge scope and growth of digital marketing.

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