Don’t you sometimes feel like it’s hard to choose what you like more.

People who are like poetry, hard to understand. Hidden in their cocoons. Where understanding them is hard but once you peel those layers off, falling in love is the only option.
Or the people who are like an open book. Who accompany you in doing all the crazy stuff you ever wanted to do. People who are free of covers. They are who they are. You don’t have to dig deep to find them. They know all the right lines to say, all the right things to make those butterflies dance in your stomach.

What will you choose. 
Given a dark night on terrace.
Someone who brings beer and mattress and talks shit to make you laugh hard , so much so that your stomach hurts.
Or someone who will stand next to you and feel the wind caressing your faces. 
Crazy Laughter or peaceful silence?

What is your idea of Mr. Perfect.
The one who will book first day first show tickets for you
Or the one who will read sweet lines from some novel to you while you take another sip of your coffee.

What sounds like a dream date. 
Kissing at the most random place you could ever think of...while your favourite song plays in background.
Or sitting on top floor of some underconstruction multistoried building, watching the sun set and birds flying back to their nests.

When both of these sound perfectly fine.
When you crave for more than one way to live your life, when you are constantly confused between what ifs, 
When you want to be both..that cool girl and that hopeless romantic. What will you choose?
And how will you make sure that this was what you always wanted?

Deciding if you are ready to have someone in your life or not is easier, but choosing what type of love you want is what keeps us confused!
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