Learn how India’s most used Travel Portal manages its InfoSec.

Welcome! It’s been ten months since I wrote my last blog “How I could’ve travelled the World for free”.

A Lot has happened since then, personally & professionally. I’ll be subsequently sharing all my experiences & the insights I gained into this industry - through my upcoming series of blogs.

IRCTC is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways that handles the catering, tourism and online ticketing operations of all trains across India.

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Since it is one of the most talked about & frequently used services in India, I decided to lay my hands on it. After spending a fair amount of time on their website, I came across an Advertisement for “Food on wheels”. …

Hacking into Air India, SpiceJet & Cleartrip.

Hey there! Before we jump into the details, Just to clarify a few things:

  1. I Hack Ethically. No personal gains. Although, I believe hackers should be positively awarded for their contributions.
  2. The reason why I’m writing this article today is to inform more people about the possible security lapses & encourage Indian Firms to opt for Bug bounty programmes to counter the same.

Until now, I’ve hacked into a Dozen of Indian companies. Mostly all within a Month, a little while ago. It’s a big deal, right? A 20 something guy with no professional expertise, Just a passion to hunt gold, can be such a big pain in the ass to the corporates xD Not trying to brag here. …

Kanishk Sajnani

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