Really Steep Learning Curve

It is almost the end of the second day undergoing the Andela boot camp and it has been so short a time: Many of the activities I have been undertaking have been digging deep into my understanding of code; and boy did I realize how little I was using my knowledge.

Time flies:

There is so much work to look at and especially since the work for day one was carried on to day two.

I can’t believe that it is almost the end of another day, and like my friend says, “ If we were not busy enough, today would still be Sunday evening(It is already Tuesday evening)”.

In the past two days, I feel like I have done more than I did the past two weeks.

I like it:

I am sometimes very bored when the work I do does not give me pressure, the boot-camp maximizes on your time and I can’t believe that lunch time passed while I was still having my my mandazi(buns) untouched.

It also feels nice to be on the Do not Disturb mode, and do some real work.


I feel focused, I feel I can accomplish so much more and I can’t wait to begin the tasks for tomorrow.

The startup that’s harder to get into than Harvard”, CNN definitely hit the nail on the head.

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