Third day and counting.

Train hard fight easy.

This came into my mind when I was thinking about why Andela call their premises the dojo. A dojo is a the building where martial arts training takes place (those who watch Ninja Warrior snap twice). This became clear to me when it came to tackling tasks.

On day one and two, things seemed so elusive and I could question my intelligence all through wondering why everything seemed so hard. Come today, I was getting the hang of it and things started flowing, I was able to tackle challenges feeling less intimidated and more energized.

Happy feeling.

There is that moment when you work around a problem, and find a working solution that you are so proud of yourself you jump to the roof. This is the day I got this this feeling. Revisiting my learning material made it for me.

Waking up.

Remember the last time you got into bed and an idea came flowing through your mind, that you woke up to implement your idea? Do you remember?

After several attempts at a problem seemed futile, I wished my late-night Whatsapp friends goodnight and went to bed, little did I know that 15 minutes later I would be awake again and seated doing the same thing after a brilliant idea came to my mind. It was like I had been living in dark ages and then I became Thomas Edison and brought the light out of the magic current called electricity ( I recommend you watch The men who built America).

Open Andela? Open Source?

Talking of support, what would I do without open Andela on Slack? Although all at different levels in our development journey, you wouldn’t find so much collaboration and assistance anywhere else. I think life would be so difficult without open source, and wait for it, Open Andela community.

__Kaniu Out — -