Robert Mercer
4 min readOct 23, 2022

This article will describe the Monarch Trading Bot. We will inform you of the basic principles of work, profitability, whom it will suit, automation, and customization. We will also tell you why we believe this bot will deliver increased profitability for an unlimited time. This bot differs from 99% of the available options on the market, and we will prove it.

Let’s get started!


Here we will describe the principle of working in general terms, leaving the central part classified. The script operation is based on identifying levels (supports/resists) by analyzing volumes and determining the market movement vector. Then it decides to enter the position according to the patterns and volumes built on certain candles.

Yes, it sounds simple enough. But the bot achieves 94% accuracy of closed trades. The answer is simple: the script has no nervous system (no panic!) and adheres to the selected strategy 10 out of 10 times. In case the opened position goes into negative unrealized pnl, it averages the trade according to the strategy and moves take profits.


The most exciting point for everyone. Unfortunately, we can’t say a single accurate profitability value since the script has many settings. However, if we narrow down the entire list of parameters to 2, we get the following: without reinvestment, the Monarch Bot can earn 80% APY, but if the reinvestment option is enabled, the bot can reach 97% APY.

These figures are based on the 2022 year of Bitcoin’s history.


We should note straight away that this bot is not reasonable for everyone. The main criterion is required capital, i.e., a minimum of $2,500. If you can not allocate $2,500 purely for the bot to trade, it will, unfortunately, not work for you — this amount is required for the competent averaging of positions.

This bot will suit you if you’re not chasing rapid profits and trust the gradual but confident growth. More profitable than staking. More profitable than investing in real estate. More profitable than storing money in the bank.


One of the crucial advantages of the Monarch Bot — it is fully automated and tested on accounts with different deposit sizes. It takes no more than 5 minutes to connect the bot to the exchange, and then the bot will work for you, earning you a profit. All you need to do — is sometimes log on to your exchange account to please yourself by witnessing the growing deposit :).

Also, you do not need to worry about your money. To automate the Bot’s work, you will need to provide the API key with the ability to open trades to the script, which is based on TradingView. Your money will be safe and secure.


This script contains thousands of lines of code. However, we made it so that you can change almost any part of the trading strategy to suit you.

Initially, the buyer receives the script with the default strategy, which we considered the best for the current market, but thanks to the simple interface of TradingView, you will be able to change the settings for yourself with just a couple of clicks.

The basic settings you can change: allow/disallow risky signals, reinvesting option, also all types of orders are fully configurable (size, amount, and location of ones). We will tell the rest in the guide you get with the purchase.


We based the script on a relatively straightforward strategy that we’ve tested countless times over the past seven years. We automated what was already working like clockwork. This strategy had only two disadvantages: the impossibility of сhecking the PA on a 24/7 basis and nerves that can sometimes prevent the correct execution of a deal. The bot fixes both of them.

I will say more: this script works better on stock markets than on the crypto market. Since price behavior on stock markets is more conservative and calm (there are less noises on the chart), the bot makes correct decisions, due to which APY also increases.


If you are interested in purchasing the Monarch Trading Bot, please contact us via Telegram @kankordio with the tag #MONARCH_PURCHASE in the beginning of your message.