Snapchat’s Ceo declined to expand its business to India as it is a poor country.

People across India asking this question to one another.

Well! Is India poor? Yes, definitely it is.

In a country where people pettle stones on soldiers is for sure a poor country. Where people fight in the name of religion, where lsbt have no right to express their feelings, where people are teased on the basis of their appearance, where lewd comments are passed on women is not a rich country.

A place where person’s wealth is measured by his bank balance, marks in his academics than his humanity cannot be termed as rich. No religion irrespective of gender restricts two lovers from their conjunction. Every religion spreads peace and teach us to respect of woman, then why people try to a blind eye to these teachings, if they term themselves as religious?

By just enchanting mantras or paying regular visits to religious places doesn’t make you better person. It is just that your mind is at peace during that time.

Respect other person’s personal space, thinking and individuality. Don’t consider anyone lesser than you.

We need to convert ourselves from a human to being human.