4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Samae San Island (Koh Samae San)

If you are looking for a peaceful place to go in this year-end holidays, I’d like to recommend this small island in Sattahip District, Chonburi Province of Thailand.

1. Clean / No Trash / Stunning Clear Seashore

What people will expect when they go to the sea? Of course, a crystal clear blue water with no trash! There are many beautiful islands in Thailand that you should visit, but for now ‘Samae San Island’ is the one I recommend.

Since it is an eco-tourism (or green tourism / nature tourism), so everyone has to take responsibility for cleaning up their own trash. Also, this island is just opened for tourists 2–3 years and has been maintained by Royal Thai Marine Corps, so it is very new and clean.

2. Peaceful Beach

There is not much tourists, except the high season, then you can enjoy with the peaceful beach. However, with a limited numbers of tourists allowed to the island per day (500 persons), you have to book the boat ticket very early. Many people will go around 5 A.M. to get a queue number and they have to come back again after 8 A.M. to buy a ticket.

3. Beautiful Coral Reef

With a crystal clear blue water, you can have a great diving experience here. Many coral reefs and fish, including Nimo, are very beautiful. You don’t have to worry about the dangerous of black urchin because the diving area is deep enough for everyone, your feet will not touch the urchin and also the coral reefs.

I haven’t done a diving before, but after this trip, I would like to recommend everyone to do! With a life jacket and a great taking care by marines, you will be safe and can enjoy the awesome moments there. The most dangerous would be the ‘SUN’!! Really hot haha :D

4. Reasonable Price

If you go to the famous places, such as Pattaya, Phuket, etc., everything is very expensive, especially when you are a foreigner. Most people around Samae San Island are locals and they are not looking for too much profits from the foreigners. There are a few shops on the island provided by marines, so everything is in a reasonable price.

Regarding the boat tickets for traveling to the island, Thai people have to bring their own ID card and pay 300 THB, while foreigners have to bring their own passport and pay 600 THB. Don’t feel bad with double price, it is worthiness. Noted that you have to pay another 50 THB for a scuba equipment rental.

Foreigners cannot buy tickets by themselves, they have to go with Thais. I am not sure how strict they are about, but this is the rule.

More Rules!

  • The ticket is a one-day travel. You cannot stay overnight on the island.
  • No alcohol / no bikini on the island
  • No works allowed on the island! Just enjoy :D