Three Work Attributes Common to all Bosses

Being in a profession for over 6 years, I have been awed by the professional charisma of my Bosses. Based on my experience, I have deduced that if you closely watch the ‘Boss’ breed, you can see many similarities in their work style and how they are closing a deal. Even though they differ in Gender,Culture,Industry,Language,Influence of Technology etc., they still show similar work attributes irrespective of diversity.

1. They are faster than Usain Bolt.

Bosses accomplish or push his team to complete the tasks very fast. Even if it is a solution to a problem or an assigned task,they really push hard to achieve it. I was kind of a slow employee during my initial professional life. But after working with a Boss in a Management Consulting Firm,I realized the power of ‘Speed’. Of Course it will definitely impact your business on the whole. Timely delivery of business goals and tasks create huge success in the business world and every Boss know this well in advance. And you should keep it in mind while you accept challenges.

2. Roller coaster ride or Changes at last moment.

If you are reluctant to change at last moment, expect a roller coaster experience while you are working under direct supervision of your boss. Business is all about anticipating unexpected changes, whether it is making changes in estimates or unexpected change in project requirement at last moment, you have to expect a dilemma. Knowingly or unknowingly every Boss is equipped with the capability of handling these situations very well. They alter your schedule at last moment, reject your well researched business plan just before the final submission date. It is better you expect an uncertainty as your Boss can offer you a Roller coaster ride. Instead of getting panicked you can have a Plan B aside along with Plan A.

3. Going an extra mile…Your Boss will Love it.

In professional world most of us are evaluated by our performance at work. If we take Blue collar jobs or White Collar jobs, the daily tasks are the common component which define our success in career. When your Boss assign some task, he always expect 100% perfection and quality in return. While he ask his Executive to schedule a meeting, he would expect it to be done very professionally. The Executive have to send the Meeting invitation, fix the place & time, Follow up with the Invitees etc are the common tasks found in the Job. But if he is able to provide a best available meeting place in Town with Two special Hot Coffees and Cookies, then the Executive has gone an extra mile. This kind of going an extra mile differentiate a common employee with a Smart Employee. Believe it or not, every Boss like this way of going an extra mile. After all, Business is all about providing something extra to its clients and customers so that a positive impact is made on its business relationships.

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