I recently took the CKA exam and passed it with 94%. In this post, I’ll explain how I prepared for the exam and study tips.

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Work experience:

At zeotap, we use GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) for deploying, managing our microservices applications. Since our infrastructure is in Google Cloud, it is a no brainer to go with GKE. GKE being a managed service, saved us a lot of operational burden. We only have to focus on the deployment of our applications, deployment strategies, storage etc. …

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Apache Druid (incubating) is a real-time analytics database designed for fast slice-and-dice analytics (“OLAP” queries) on large data sets. Druid is most often used as a database for powering use cases where real-time ingest, fast query performance, and high uptime are important.

To know about how druid is being used in zeotap, please refer this blog from Imply. https://imply.io/post/apache-druid-helps-zeotap-master-multi-channel-attribution

In this two part series, we will demonstrate how to setup Apache Druid Production setup in Google Cloud Platform and migrate druid segments from AWS to GCP.

In Part 1, let’s see how to install and configure Apache Druid in GCP.

Infra Requirements:

1. GCE instances (4) for…

Monitoring is one of the critical yet under-appreciated aspects of infrastructure. Nobody cares when your servers/applications are running fine, but as soon as your website is down or your application is not responding, the first question that comes to our mind is “‘Why is there no monitoring enabled for this piece?”

For starters, the purpose of monitoring majorly falls into the below categories:

  1. Alerting: the most important thing is knowing when something goes wrong. The first step is alerting humans when a defined event occurs aka when some threshold is breached.
  2. Debugging: we refer to this when humans look into the alert, investigate and troubleshoot. …

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I attended the Google cloud summit Bangalore’19 which piqued my interest in Google Cloud Platform. Given the interest and demand around multi-cloud experience in the industry, I decided to dive in.

I’ve 3+ years of managing cloud infrastructure in AWS, so I’m familiar with the concept of Compute, Storage, Networking offerings in Cloud platforms.

Coursera Specialization

One of the advantages of attending summits, events is you get to meet different people, gain industry knowledge which you might not get in the work. Coursera had a live talk and booth on Google Cloud courses offering.

I got to talk to one of their representatives, enquired him about how should I get into GCP, given I have working experience in AWS. He recommended to checkout the Coursera course — ‘GCP for AWS professionals’, which gave me a good overview of GCP’s main offerings in comparison with AWS offerings. …


Kannan Anandakrishnan

Devops engineer @Zeotap | Personal Blog: hadoopandcloud.com

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