Tableau Embedded Analytics Demo Portal

Update: This demo portal is now deprecated. Please head over to for an updated experience.

As a consultant for Tableau (working specifically on client-facing analytics requirements), I have often been asked by customers and partners alike whether they can ‘touch and feel’ the Tableau Embedded Analytics experience that I often evangelize.

Keeping this in mind, and with the backing and encouragement of a few colleagues, I was able to replicate such an experience for our customers and partners to play with.

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Enter the Tableau Embedded Analytics Showcase, an unofficial web portal containing demos of some of Tableau’s integration technologies such as -

  • A full-fledged embedded demo portal for anyone to explore and interact with.
  • Examples of how Tableau can be extended using the Javascript API.
  • Demos on how Tableau-certified extensions work, along with a trex file that anyone can download and plug into their dashboards directly (no effort needed for setup).
  • A means to connect to both RServe and Tabpy Servers, along with sample workbooks that contain examples on the benefit of the integration (no effort needed for setup).
  • Mobile-friendly interface (assuming a screen size of 4.7 inches or higher)

If any of the above pointers resonate with your requirements, give this portal a test drive to get a sense of how Tableau can be integrated. To learn more on how some of this can be achieved, head over to the Tableau Embedded Analytics Playbook.

Ultimately, this portal was built for our customers and partners, and I hope it gives you a flavor of the experience that you can replicate in your environment. If you have any questions/ suggestions, please drop me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


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