My Dad and The Catholic Church

My Dad in his 50s

Charles Kanne, or as I like to call him, Dad, is an agnostic, sports fan, bike enthusiast, father of four, living in between Las Vegas, Nevada and Newport Beach, California . He is currently 74 years old and about to retire from his 25 year real estate career. Besides being in his office from the hours of 9–5 you can typically find him on the couch watching a football game or reading a history book. His favorite topics include WWI, WWII, and the Chinese Exclusion Act.

When tasked with making a short documentary, he was the first person that came to mind. Being born in 1947, he has endured many historical events and tragedies such as segregated schools, the vietnam war, the cold war, the aids epidemic, Covid-19, the 9–11 attacks, the civil rights movement, the great recession, and much more. Despite these well known histories, I was more curious about his personal experiences and the little moments that formed his belief and political system today.

Me at My First Holy Communion

My mother raised me as a devout catholic. I attended catholic schooling, received my baptism, first holy communion, and confirmation by the age of 15. Through it all, I contested, questioned, and despised all religious institutions, especially the cathoilc church. When I reached an age of reason I began to notice my fathers similar disinterest. The gronas when my mother mentioned church on sunday, or his eyes roll back when my mother would make us wait to say grace before picking up our forks were all indications that we were on the same page. But despite these clues, he remained consistently silent. I took the interview opportunity to ask him why.

This short documentary highlights my fathers personal experiences and struggles with the catholic church and his current understanding of his beliefs.




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Emma Kanne

Emma Kanne

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