Karma Refuel Grandfather Program FAQ

Hi, I appreciate the open manner in which Karma has approached this issue. It’s helpful knowing specific reasons behind a policy change.

However, a couple things seem a little sketchy. First, the term “grandfather” is misleading. From what I can tell, there are almost no functional differences between the grandfathered plan and the Drift plan. Generally speaking, grandfathered plans allow a subscriber to keep an older plan in its entirety (grandfather = older). This is not keeping an older plan, it’s essentially the Drift plan in sheep’s clothing.

Second, there’s no flexibility in the “grandfathered” plan. For example, I’d like to purchase AT LEAST a full year’s worth of service at a discounted rate. I can do this on other prepaid plans, why not on Karma?

Some other questions: Is Karma still offering 100MB signing bonuses (for those who sign up using the hotspot) to those on the grandfathered plan? What about if we forego grandfathering?

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