El Matador is a Panda!

The Kanpai Pandas are proud to announce that we have brought on undefeated UFC Featherweight ‘El Matador’ Ilia Topuria (13–0) as a brand ambassador!

Ilia Topuria is one of the UFC’s hottest prospects, ranked 9th in the Featherweight division and is primed for a title bout. The Kanpai Pandas plan to continue expanding into brand partnerships to provide real-life utility to holders with the benefits of blockchain’s efficiency and transparency.

Topuria will be representing Kanpai Pandas in upcoming fights, post-match interviews, and other related events. We look forward to welcoming El Matador to the team.



The Kanpai Pandas have contracted Jonathan C. Dunsmoor, US Corporate and Securities attorney, to lead counsel for our intellectual property, corporate structuring, and legal guidance.

What a chad.

Jonathan has extensive experience in structuring, negotiating, and advising technology-driven companies in the blockchain sector. His extensive experience will help us navigate the corporate environment.

Mr. Dunsmoor represents a wide range of private companies, including Dusnmoor Law (Corporate, Securities, and Blockchain law), Reid & Wise LLC, as well as angel investors and investment funds. You can learn more about him here.

We have been developing a corporate strategy involving full-time advisors, corporate lawyers, & PR specialists to help us take this project to the next level. We’re extremely excited to show you what we’ve been building over the next few months. Stay tuned. 🐼🍻



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