“You Need to go to Rehab, Amy”
Cuepoint Selections

I have such sadness in my heart for any mom that loses a child. The power of addiction is so strong, I made the decision 12yrs ago to try methadone maintenance treatment, my son had just turned 1 yr. I was a mess. Trying to raise him and his 6 yr old sister was a struggle daily. I was sick from opiate withdrawal, I could get through one day with no opiates. my children needed me more than I felt the desire to go out and manipulate for money so I could not get “high” but just so I could get well. I was so tired of the daily hustle of getting money then going to find my drugs all the lies and manipulation was killing me just as much as the dope. I just called the mmt program and it was such a relief.I am proud to say I have been doing well,not that I haven’t relapsed in the 12yrs. I have.I just want to be completely present for my children & husband so if they need me to help them ,(God willing they will never get taken in to any addiction) I will be clean and clear minded to support them in any problems they come across. So many times I think my kids saved my life! Amy unfortunately never got the chance to have children to save her,but her mother is going to save lives by opening the wound that hurts her everyday ,and writing a much needed book about how it hurts to watch your child make harmful choices. God bless all of you fighting against a drug that is destroying many. You are not alone,in.my prayers always.


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