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Jeff Colyer: Brownback Clone

Sam Brownback is gone, but his policies are here to stay with Gov. Jeff Colyer.

Jeff Colyer is a Brownback clone through and through. Brownback and Colyer worked side by side over the last seven years to dismantle Kansas’ economy, schools, and roads.

· $900 million+ budget deficits

· Teachers fleeing the state’s poorly funded schools

· Over a billion dollars stolen from the Kansas’ Department of Transportation to pay for other programs

· One third of the state’s rural hospitals at risk of closing

· Economic growth that lagged well behind the national average

So even though Jeff Colyer is a fresh face in governor’s mansion, Kansas families have already suffered under his failed policies for years.

Brownback and Colyer have been in lockstep on policy from the beginning.

Jeff Colyer stood side by side with Brownback since the beginning. Colyer loaned $1,500,000 to Brownback’s campaign, jumpstarting Brownback’s run for office and keeping him afloat throughout the race. And once elected, Colyer worked tirelessly to enact their agenda. From the infamous tax cuts, to slashing Medicaid, Colyer claims to have been a “big influence” in shaping and implementing Brownback’s policies. Brownback’s tax plan went into effect with Colyer’s “full support.”

Colyer defended Brownback’s policies over and over again

Colyer has been Brownback administration’s biggest cheerleader. As the Brownback-Colyer agenda began to take effect, Colyer vigorously defended it. No matter how bad Kansas’ economy got, no matter how badly schools suffered, no matter how many infrastructure projects were abandoned, Lt. Gov. Colyer never wavered.

Kansans Agree: Colyer will be just like Brownback

Republican officials, political pundits, editorial boards, and even Brownback and Colyer agree: Governor Colyer will be just like Governor Brownback. Now that Colyer is in charge, no one expects there to be a difference at all.

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The Kansas Democratic Party is united in our effort to elect strong and responsible leaders committed to bettering the lives of everyday Kansans.

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