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Sam Brownback is gone, but his policies are here to stay with Gov. Jeff Colyer.

Jeff Colyer is a Brownback clone through and through. Brownback and Colyer worked side by side over the last seven years to dismantle Kansas’ economy, schools, and roads.

Jeff Colyer was the largest financial supporter of Sam Brownback, lending his campaign $1.5 million. As Lieutenant Governor Colyer bragged of his “big influence” on policies and gave Brownback’s tax plan his “full support.” It’s no wonder that Governor Brownback himself thinks that Colyer will do “an outstanding job.”

Jeff Colyer represents more of the same Sam Brownback disaster for Kansas families. The Brownback-Colyer record speaks for itself:

· $900 million+ budget…


Kansas Democratic Party

The Kansas Democratic Party is united in our effort to elect strong and responsible leaders committed to bettering the lives of everyday Kansans.

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