Installing Nvidia driver, Cuda, cuDNN, TensorFlow, Keras & PyTorch in Ubuntu

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Installing Nvidia driver

Run these following commands. It adds the necessary repository to…

Writing elegant and efficient code using Map, Filter, Reduce, and lambda functions

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from time import time_nsdef cubed(x):
return x**3
lambda_cubed = lambda x:x**3start = time_ns()print(f"Cube of 9 is {cubed(9)}")print(f"Time taken for previous method : {(time_ns()-start)//1_000} ms")start = time_ns()print(f"Cube of 9 is {lambda_cubed(9)}")print(f"Time taken for previous lambda : {(time_ns()-start)//1_000} ms")start = time_ns()
print(f"Cube of 9 is {(lambda x:x**3)(9)}")
print(f"Time taken for inline lambda : {(time_ns()-start)//1_000} ms")

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What is the derivative of a function? The derivative is a measure of how the function behaves with little changes in the parameters of the function. Let’s dumb it down further.


Understanding how probability plays a huge role in the casino business

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Probability is defined as the ratio of the number of desired outcomes and the number of total outcomes. If you…

Getting started with NumPy

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Numpy is a python library popular in the data science community. It can be used for multidimensional large array manipulation. It is also used for mathematical operations on arrays.

import numpy as np

Numpy array creation

Numpy arrays are homogeneous data structures, the data in an array has to be of the same data type.

>>> a_list = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]
>>> a_arr=np.array(a_list) …

Some useful examples of using Python List

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List indexing

Python list indexing is Zero-based indexing. In which 1st element is indexed as 0, the second element is indexed as 1 as so on…

>>> a_list=['first','second','third','fourth']
>>> print(a_list[0])
>>> print(a_list[1])
>>> print(a_list[-1])
>>> print(a_list[-2])…

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  1. Then his/her job is to make his/her teammate(s) understand the name of the movie by acting without saying a word.

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