How to watch markets and your investments — UX Case Study —

Burak Kantarci
3 min readJun 16, 2020

Doviz is a mobile & web platform that allows people to manage their portfolio and watch international market data. People use Doviz when they need to check the latest market data.

  • ~10M — Monthly Active User
  • #65 — on AppStore Finance
  • #59 — on SimilarWeb Finance

Roles & Responsibilities

Nokta has an in-house product team consisting of multidisciplinary Product Managers, Web, and Mobile Developers, and Designers. I worked as a Lead Product Designer for Doviz.


Consistency on different platforms

Doviz runs on 4 different product lines: Desktop, Mobile, and both iOS and Android. It brings the challenge itself: To have a design system on all products.

We run ADs!

Doviz’s business modal is based on ad revenue. Our biggest challenge is to implement advertising on pages and not to kill UX.


A/B Tests

Using Google Optimize, we tested some variants of design choices to compare their impacts on Avg. Session Duration on mobile browsers.

Optimizing layouts

Changing featured news orientation to increase readability among ads on desktop pages.

Better spacing, better hierarchy, and more suitable for reading orientation

Design System

Components Screen I use both Figma and Sketch Components to keep consistency among all the pages I design

Design Library using Figma

Analyzing data from Google Analytics and Firebase.

As a product team, we check the data before making a decision and compare the results with previous data after making a decision.

Featured Screens

Doviz iOS Home, Drawer and Search Screens
Wallet for watching investments
Doviz iOS Currency Detail, Converter Popup and Chart Screens
Doviz Desktop Homepage

Client: Nokta Medya

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