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I love food and programming so much that I’ve decided to work on a project that incorporates both. What I am currently working on is an online recipe cookbook built with React. The goal is to create an application that will allow a user to login into a profile that has all of their dietary and food preferences set in place. So for instance, if a person doesn’t eat pork or is a vegetarian then only food that they can eat or recipes that they can cook will be returned. I am using Yummly’s database to pull the necessary data. I am using React for the functionality and Sass for the design.

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Wonder what he’s coding..

For the last few months, I’ve been tinkering with using React, to work on various project ideas that I have. React is a framework that is backed by Facebook, and is something that they use to run many features of their websites and sub-websites such as Instagram.

My latest project involved using React and Sass to create an online music player built upon SoundCloud’s API. You can also view the repo for the project here.

Hey everybody. So it has been a couple of weeks now and I have been learning a lot about JavaScript. I have a majority of the fundamentals down so I decided to dive into react and API development. Now react is sort of new and it has been getting a lot of traction because of its backing by Facebook, and for me the best way to learn was from watching videos and reading Facebook’s documentation on it. React is very helpful for developers working on small to medium size projects. On top of learning React I have started to experiment with different API’s. Right now I have been using Instagram's API to build me a small web app that allows me to pull content from my profile and my user feed. …

Hi and welcome to my first blog post! This was my birthday (the big 21) resolution to start writing more whether if it’s about tech, or my personal life. This blog will mostly be dedicated to tech and I hope, unlike my other birthday resolutions, that this is something that sticks for me. I have always been interested in programming and coding, which was something that I’ve dabble with on and off until this year. This year I decided to commit to it and make a career out of it. I had basic prior knowledge but that was years ago and while the core fundamentals are about the same, the key principles have changed. So for this Summer Sixteen I’ve decided to start from scratch(well sort of). I’m giving my self about six months or basically until January to find an internship or a job with my new found skills. Every 2 months or so I will be focusing on a core language or framework. After getting an intermediate understanding of HTML and CSS I’ve decided to put my focus into JavaScript. Now I am close to getting an moderate understanding of JavaScript. I am also focusing on python as a back- end language. …


Amidou Kante

Creative Web Developer.

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