Climate Change from the perspective of a College student.

Climate Change is something that we need to address now not later. When we look at problems facing the human race Climate change is one of the biggest dangers that we can see coming. When you look at the top 12 threats to humanity released from researchers at the Global Challenges Foundation they name some very unsettling threats that may change humanity as we know it, one being Climate Change. Now I know what you are thinking… what place did Climate Change get? Well, it was ranked at 4th and labeled under Extreme Climate Change. The three things above it that are larger threats are 3rd Synthetic Biology or in layman terms a man-made virus, 2nd is Unknown Consequences which are very hard to explain because what that means is something we haven't yet thought of could change humanity, and finally 1st is Artificial Intelligence or better known as Terminator…

Those three Freighting things above Climate Change are nothing to mess with but you can really see that they haven't started to affect us yet but we can clearly see the ways Climate Change are affecting us today… Right?

Why don’t we take climate change serious then? One big thing is that the climate and weather are slow processes and unless you are one of the unfortunate people to live in a place where Hurricanes/Tsunami or live in a place plagued by Tornadoes (hopefully not Sharknados) we never see the true effects of the climate. That’s the problem with climate change it is too damn slow to be a danger for most of the human race.

The World Health Organization has stated that in the years between 2030 and 2050 Climate Change is estimated to cause 250,000 extra deaths due to malnutrition, malaria, and heat stress. This is a prediction for another 15 years in the future but if we have learned anything from Climate Change predictions they usually come faster than predicted. Now we will always have something threatening us now ( Terrorist, Hunger, Trump) but instead of being a species of now we need to look towards the future so we can be prepared or just maybe even fight back give our children a few more years to get ready for extreme winters and scorching summers. With predictions showing Florida under water within the next couple hundred years the college students of that era will have to find a new spring break destination.

At the end, I feel the reason we don’t see Climate change as such a treat is because the all the danger is 30 years away and we have minds that can’t even decide what we want to watch on Netflix let alone think 30 years ahead to when 250,000 extra deaths a year are going to be caused because we didn’t cut down on carbon emissions now.