AMD needs to earn Market Share

Image Credits: Google India

AMD has a bad reputation right now when it comes to cpus and gpus. They really need to focus on delivering good mid range products like the RX480 that are affordable in order to improve their reputation. I think AMD is smart and they are going to apply the same philosophy they had with polaris to zen.

The only thing that is for sure is that AMD said 40–50% ipc improvement compared to last gen. Realistically this means that the FX8350 cpu that has around 13000 pts on geekbench will probably be replaced by a cpu that has around 20 000 pts geekbench and it will cost about the same price. If they can do that then I believe they’ll have a good cpu that I personally would be willing to buy. The high end is already dominated by intel and nvidia and if they are smart they won’t try to compete directly with them, they simply do not have the market share.

I can tell you right now from what AMD has said, zen will not be on par with kabylake and probably skylake in terms of performance. In terms of performance/dollar they’ll probably beat the crap out of intel though.